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SmartCity Initiative and Holdings

Genocities is currently working on initiatives for laying the framework in multiple states across America.  The process involves advising policy makers, executives, city departments and developers on the necessary investments required to achieving a ‘smart’ future.

Our range of services include strategy, organization, infrastructure, business systems and architecture.  A smart city is the sum of all its parts – and we show how these building blocks will transform an urban area into a sustainable and socially ideal community.

Our current initiatives include:

  • Smart City Iowa
  • Smart City Dallas
  • Smart City Austin
  • Smart City California
  • Tech City California
  • Bay Tech City, California

Smart Cities on the Moon?

Did you know that there are places in this world that demand Smart City development without any alternative?   Concepts of Smart Living exist within scientific research bases in remote locations such as Antarctica… and outer space.

While the notion of a Smart City on the moon might sound far fetched — a sustainable model of life with smart energy, smart resources and integrated technologies have can be found on the International Space Station.  This ‘model smart city’ launched in 1998 and orbits the Earth at over 250 miles.

The International Space System is powered by double-sided solar (photovoltaic) arrays and rechargeable nickel-hydrogen batteries that alternate from charging when sunlight is available and being in use when eclipsed.

While the crew of the ISS is limited to six researchers, the existence of a fully sustainable solar powered habitat outside of the Earth has proven the sustainability of solar power as well as established that humans can successfully adapt to long-term “space life”.

We are presently surveying the resources found on the planet surfaces of the Moon and Mars.  Unlike a space station, land is a resource and the need to maintain an orbit no longer exists.  With more land, we have the ability to establish larger energy sources and to construct larger habitats.  It is believed that the moon holds precious metals and minerals including gold, cobalt, iron, palladium, platinum, tungsten and helium-3 — a gas that can be harnessed for nuclear power without radioactive waste.

With a renewable source of energy, the smart technologies that build the framework of a smart city on Earth become viable to create infrastructure on the Moon.  Livable habitats soon become the homes to scientists and workers involved in maintaining and deploying energy sources, sustainable crops and communication.

Learn about the ‘Veggie’ Greenhouse aboard the ISS

The concept of living on the moon has fascinated science fiction writers for decades.  With smart technology and the acceleration of scientific research into renewable energy, we are beginning to see that this is more viable than we had previously imagined.

At Genocities, we are developing frameworks for smart city development on not only the Moon – but on Mars too.  Applying strategies for development and growth of renewable energy sources, efficient living and quality of life is an exciting challenge that exemplifies our initiatives!