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Genocities Smart City Framework


At Genocities, we’re creating intelligent, sustainable communities that reduce environmental impact and offer citizens a higher quality life. Just like businesses, cities compete in a global marketplace. By leveraging technology,  they can use information to engage their communities, deliver better services, and attract prospective citizens.


The founding vision for smart city projects are:

  • Smart+ connected communities strategy
  • self-sustaining communities
  • build smart, socially attractive modern cities that will stimulate the economic development of the region.

The Genocities Smart City Framework defines the attractions of a city in five layers and creates proposals by “packaging urban attractions,” using solutions individually provided by participant companies and partners.


Layer 1 – LEEDS Certification

Smart Location and Linkages

  • The right location with a plan to protect the natural ecology and environment.
  • A city plan with housing and jobs promity, reducing automobile dependence.

Neighborhood Pattern & Design

  • Compact, mixed-use developments and walkable streets.
  • Access to civic centers, public spaces and recreation.

Green Infrastructure & Buildings

  • Water efficiency in buildings and landscape.
  • Storm water and waste water management.
  • Infrastructure energy efficiency.

Layer 2 – Basic Infrastructure

Expressways & Transport

  • Expanded Infrastructure
  • Low Carbon Public Transportation
  • Buses, Subways, Bike Paths, Airport Shuttles

Communication Networks

  • High Speed Fiber Optics
  • LTE / 5G Cellular Networks
  • NFC Systems (Near Field Communication)

Power Supply, Energy Stations, Waterworks

  • Integrated Resources
  • Storm Water Management
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Resource Monitoring

Layer 3 – SMART Infrastructure

Smart Homes and Buildings

  • Remote Access
  • Real Time Information
  • Smart Management Systems
  • Low Carbon Emission Design

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Coordination + Integration
  • Live Travel Information
  • Monitoring Demand
  • Information Points

Alternative Energy

  • Wind Turbines (Land & Offshore)
  • Solar Panels / MegaSolar Plants
  • Biomass Fuels

Layer 4 – Life Services

Smart Card

On-Demand Transportation System

Energy Conservation / Reduced Emissions

Layer 5 – Culture and Art

Attractions & Tourism

  • Event Halls and Art Centers
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Museums and Ecotarium

Education & Health

  • Urban College Campus
  • State-of-the-Art Hospitals
  • Retirement Centers

Parks and Recreation 

  • Central Park Area
  • City-Wide Bike & Walking Paths
  • Commercial Parks (Golf Courses, etc)